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TimeTable 4 Quick Start

A quick guide to getting the most out of TimeTable 4.

The basics...

Create a report

In the Reports list, click "New Report" at the top of the screen. Give the report a name and optionally choose to pin the report. Click save.

Set the timeframe

Click the circle to the right of the date range at the bottom of the screen to show the date controls. Choose a period (e.g. Week) and use the directional controls to find the period you want. You can also click the start and end dates to set whatever dates you like.

Select a view

Across the bottom of the screen select from the different views available: List, Grid, Text, Notes. Each view has options under the search bar and specific exports from the Share button at the top of the screen.

Next steps...

Choose the calendars toolbar (under the search bar) to choose what calendars you would like to use for your search.

In the Text and Grid views, you can use the columns toolbar (under the search bar) to customize the columns to include, as well as the order and name.

Under Settings (the wrench at the top right), you can turn on the cost feature. When you do, go to the calendars toolbar to set the dollar amount. You can set the same amount for all calendars or you can set an amount per calendar.

Each view has specific exports. For instance, if you want to export to CSV, use the Grid view. If you want a text file, use the Text, Event or Notes views.

If you are signed into an iCloud account on your devices, you can sync your settings between devices with iCloud. At the top right of the Reports list, click the circle with the three dots and choose Settings. Enable iCloud Sync and restart TimeTable 4. Do this for each device and your settings will sync.

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